Firefox Extensions

Stay-Open Menu

Stay-Open Menu is a extension created for Firefox® which facilitates opening multiple tabs from the Bookmarks Menu and various other bookmark/history/tab related dropdown menus. It keeps the menu open when middle-clicking (optionally ctrl-clicking) and is especially handy for RSS feed (Live Bookmark) items.

Usage Notes

Details of how Stay-Open Menu works on the Location Bar

Known Issues

[Mac OS] Stay-Open Menu does not work with the native Mac OS X Menu Bar (middle-click and Cmd-click don't work properly there anyway - Bug 49002 & Bug 313718). Workaround: Use it with the Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu Button, etc.

[Ubuntu with 'Unity'] Stay-Open Menu is not compatible with 'Global menu bar integration' add-on.

Incompatibility (minor): Personal Menu extension also has a keep open on middle-click feature. If you wish to use both extensions together (for Stay-Open Menu's additional capabilities), keep the option in Personal Menu (Miscellaneous Tab) 'Close menu after middle-clicking bookmarks' turned ON (checked). This prevents a conflict which causes middle-clicking a bookmarks folder to have no effect. (It should open all bookmarks in the folder in new tabs.)

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